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Gratitude, Expectations, Opportunities: 2016 in retrospective

The staff of the Center for Transforming Mission -CTM- Guatemala is grateful for the year that is about to end. In this time of hope and joy for the celebration that "God is with us", we join the Christian faith around the world; and, particularly, with our local community, we prepare our hearts to see and celebrate good news in the hardest places of our beloved Guatemala City. We also invite you to read joyfully this Newsletter, here: CTMGuatemala2016 and celebrate with us. "In the name of the Father that is for us, the Son who is with us, and the Holy Spirit, that unites us all in the never ending dance of love, amen." Peace.

Gratitud, Expectación, Oportunidades: 2016 en retrospectiva

El equipo del Centro para la Misión Transformadora -CMT- Guatemala está agradecido por el año que va a terminar. En esta época de esperanza y gozo por la celebración que "Dios es con nosotros" unimos a la cristiandad en el mundo; y en especial, con la que convivimos diariamente, preparamos nuestro corazón a ver y celebrar buenas noticias en los lugares más difíciles de nuestra amada ciudad de Guatemala. Invitamos con emoción a que se una en gratitud leyendo el Informe del segundo semestre del año, aquí: CMTGuatemala2016. "En el nombre del Padre que es por nosotros, el Hijo quien es con nosotros, y del Espíritu Santo, que nos une en ...

Poverty, Diversity, Social Justice: Hard conversations

Through the invitation of the Central American Theological Seminary (SETECA, in Spanish), we were invited to facilitate a conversation around "Poverty, Diversity, and Social Justice" as a Master's Degree course during this present quarter of the year. Lots of things were not told or taught about these hard issues, specially in Guatemala City. On the other hand, we tried as hard as we could to "not talk about" but "to see and celebrate what God is doing". We deeply believe that His Spirit is dancing in the chaos of our cities, our communities, our own lives. So, in order to see him at work, or before pointing at what's wrong -easily visible-, we ...