A Life Invested in Loving Others

Mr. Robert Smith came from the United States in the early 90’s after seeing a TV program that invited people to support children in Guatemala. Mr. Smith decided to “come and see” how he could be involved directly. Twenty-something years have passed since that day. Mr. Smith just turned 80 a few months ago, and still remembers that TV show. He came to live to a community that opened the doors for him. In fact, some of his neighbors call him “Papa Bob”, just because he has become a dad for many families.

At the end of last year, we got an email from a friend of Mr. Smith. He was referred from our accountant. The reason for that email was to contact Mr. Bob and help him with continuing the support to a group of 11 families who happen to live in one of the communities where we have close friends: The community is Santa Catarina Pinula. Meetings happened, and emails went back and forth during the first part of this year, so we can plan a healthy way to engage leaders of faith and good will, and to build the organizational capacity in ways that we facilitate the development of these families.

It has been 5 months since we began serving the Smitty’s Charitable Fund based in Chicago. Every month we facilitate financial resources through our partner ACA (also known as the Outreach Center), in order that these 11 families have a decent living, but also do all possible for empower each one of them so they can send their kids to school, and start a local business. The challenge for development is huge… and, definitely long term! That is why we walk one day at a time.

We thank today the Smitty’s Charitable Fund Board for the trust in sending what’s requested every month. We thank our partner “Hands of Hope Int’l” for collecting the resources and sending them on time. We thank the “Outreach Center Association” for their work in meeting, serving and empowering the “Smitty’s families”. And we thank all those who walk alongside us financially and in prayers, so we can continue contributing with the social and spiritual renewal of Guatemala City. We are very grateful for having each of you at our side!


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