A Reason to Celebrate

Almost a year ago, Ageo Pérez, a good friend and network member, lost his job. He worked for more than five years in a multinational company that sells iron. We found out that he was fired, and called him to see what would he do. A few weeks later, we both came with the idea that could benefit us all in a very concrete way: The idea was to build a couple of urban gardens. One to be built at CMT’s offices; the other, where he lives.

A year has passed. We have learned so many things, as we were sharing today in a conversation we had. We all need patience; we all need a group of friends who is willing to walk alongside us during the process. And… to be strategically, we can change or modify the ideas in the process.

In certain way, we are “almost” half-way of learning how to build an urban garden. In other ways, we also have learned to fail, and to wait, and to ask, and to see, and to start all over again. We have learned to learn to see and celebrate good news in hard “soil”!

We thank each one of you for your patience, trust, and investment! There is a profound gratitude in all of us who day-by-day get to see and learn that faith needs to be taken care of, but also needs to be watered; and most important, faith needs a big dose of community.


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