Building Capacity and Fellowship through the “TLT”

“I’ve learned to read and to teach the Bible in a very particular way. With this opportunity, I am learning to listen, to have fellowship, to understand. It feels like I’m flourishing. I am very thankful for that”. – Santos

A few weeks ago, we experienced the second retreat of the “Timothy Leadership Training”, where 15 pastors, lay leaders and police chaplains gathered to read the Bible, to pray for one another, and to share some life experiences. The topic for this training was “Stewardship”. They were all connected, committed and challenged to trust God’s gifts, to be thankful for them, and to use them properly for the benefit of their communities they serve at.

IMG_6851They have a lot of homework to do for the next three months after the next gathering. They will be meeting first week of August. In the meantime, Pastor Byron Aguilar, Pastor/Chaplain and facilitator for this initiative, takes time to visit them and walk alongside them in their daily life and ministry.

Today we thank -as we usually do- each one of you for joining us in prayers, in ongoing support and trust that gives us the strength to facilitate the initiative, to empower local leaders, and to walk alongside them so we can all see and celebrate the good news in the hard places of ministry that they serve with. Definitely, we feel your love and your commitment towards the “social and spiritual renewal of Guatemala City”.


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