By Silvia López, CMT’s Financial & Administrative Director

In two months we will be ending 2017. God has been amazingly good on each of the projects we have undertaken. Not everything has turn out as planned but we have bee able to see God’s wonderful hand at work in each situation we have faced. We want to share with you some of the goals that we set at the beginning of the year and we have been able to reach, partial or totally.

September 15th (Independence Day Celebration)

As you may know, a fundamental base for our organizational sustainability are the donations we receive mostly from a broad, therefore one of our goals was to increase the local financial support. Step by step we have been doing this and we have seen some good results. One result is the membership payment. Last year we had around 10 organizations, members of the network that were paying their membership. This year’s goal was that twelve organizations could pay this membership. However, we over passed this goal and up to this date we have sixteen organizations that have paid the CMT Guatemala membership. Another source of income are the different leadership trainings we offer and the goal to achieve was that most of the participants could be able to pay for the training. Thanks to God, they were willing to pay for it. Last, but not least, as part of the services we provide to engage leaders of faith and good will, we offer a historical-theological reflection walk through the General Cemetery in zone 3. This year we have had around a 25 % increase on these walks, that include more Guatemalan participants.

As an administrative team, we feel happy to be able to do what it takes for the good operation of CMT Guatemala. And also feel blessed to backup other organizations that need help in the administrative area and this maybe a local or international organization. This year, specifically, we began to help a foundation name “Smitty’s Charitable Fund” based in Chicago, that works with a group of 15 families that live in Santa Catarina Pinula. Thanks to the partnership we have with Asociación Comunitaria Alcance (ACA), we were able to implement better controls for the support they give on a monthly basis to these families.

Dear friends, we ask your prayers for the ministry in Guatemala city, even when the administrative and financial work seems to be invisible, we all agree that is is vital for the well function and development of CMT Guatemala as well as other organizations from the network we serve. We hope that this coming year may serve many more for the social and spiritual renewal of Guatemala city.



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