Cemetery Reflections: Experiences with Vidas Plenas

Two years ago, CMT received an invitation from Tita Evertsz, Vidas Plenas’ Founder & CEO, to participate in the weekly prayer walks they do in “La Limonada”. This community is a place of ‘beauty and affliction’ at its best in Guatemala City. (For more information about Vidas Plenas and La Limonada, go to www.vidasplenas.org)

So, we walked with them. Weekly. Monthly. And we became friends, brothers, sisters, humans.

Earlier this year, we thought that a good idea would be to walk, listen, learn, and discern together through the Cemetery reflections. And so we did. For about two months, the administrative team along with the three academies (Limón, Mandarina, and Lima) invested time in those historical-theological experiences. Here are some reflections on what happened to all of us.

It was a beautiful experience, and to get to know Guatemala’s history with a different perspective was challenging. We reflected a lot about our country and what can we do about it“. – Abby

I think I was more aware of the contrasts we live in, many cultures within the others, and to be more conscience of our historical reality“. – Sofi

I was able to grow as a person, it helped me reflect how I see others. The racial wound impacted me because it has always bothered me how others are discriminated“. – Gadiel

After the experience in the Cemetery, I was able to connect how people live and has been taught in La Limonada. This opened my eyes to understand my purpose in this community; how and what to pray for“. – Diana

To hear two of the collective wounds (socioeconomic and racial) made me angry, for what has happened in our country. Then, I thought to myself, ‘What have I done that have caused wounds to my Guatemalan fellows?’, and, ‘How cool would it be it we teach Guatemala’s history in this way to our kids?‘ – Jessica

On behalf of the Center for Transforming Mission -CMT- Guatemala we thank Vidas Plenas for walking, feeling, and committing in the social and spiritual renewal of Guatemala City. It has been an honor to serve them in this way! Thanks for the opportunity to discern together in what other wayswe can work closely in collaboration. We also thank you for reading, praying and supporting the work we do in this beautiful and afflicted City of the “eternal spring”.




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