Engaging Leaders of Faith and Good Will

One way we contribute to the social and spiritual renewal is through “engaging leaders of faith and good will”. This commitment gives us the opportunity to meet people, and build relationships that will help us all see and celebrate what God is doing in the beautiful city of Guatemala.

During this year, we have facilitated and witnessed godly encounters between many leaders of faith and good will whom we’ve had the privilege to meet, talk (and listen), share ideas (and dreams), but also build trust between each other. The trust has been a wonderful platform to continue conversations, plans, and the desire to work in collaboration towards a greater good. We are beginning to believe that “it is possible to bring something to the table because there is enough resources for everybody”.

Planta de producción de Arrocera “Los Corrales, SA”, Villa Nueva.

Following this path, last week we were able to visit the business of a new friend. What we saw, heard and talked was inspirational, no doubt about it. The vision trip was to dream together, and in particular ways, to calibrate our vision in the city (and with the city). As one of the participants said, “this is really opened doors for us to collaborate”.


On behalf of the Center for Transforming Mission -CMT- Guatemala, we extend our deepest gratitude to each one of you for your ongoing support financially and in prayers. We are so grateful for you, and the way God has been inviting us all to be part of His mission. The invitation is to continue walking alongside us and the courageous grass root leaders that live and serve in hard places.


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