Healing Relationships

cmt-innerchangeOne of the expressions of Guatemala’s collective woundedness is the religious rivalry and division. This gap is very tangible between the different streams of Christian spirituality that are represented in our country. That is why at CMT Guatemala we believe that all the streams of christian spirituality are needed for the social and spiritual renewal of Guatemala.

A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to take some concrete steps in closing the gap between Catholic and Protestant Evangelical practitioners. All the staff of CMT Guatemala went to the City of Quetzaltenango to be in communion and learn with our friends, and now extended family, of InnerChange. The way both organizations are structured bring different backgrounds to this relationship. In the case of CMT Guatemala our staff is all coming from some mainline Protestant Evangelical denominations. We have staff members who are pentecostal, congregational, neo-pentecostal, and non-denominational. On the side of InnerChange the staff is predominantly Catholic and very proud of it.

We shared our stories in mission and learned that there is not much difference between the way we do things, and even the way we believe. It was through the relationship building and sharing of the Lord’s Supper that we learned that we are all part of one body. We are all committed to working with the poor, and the social and spiritual renewal of our country. We pray that we keep learning from each other and walking together in mission as InnerChange serves in Quetzaltenango and CMT serves in Guatemala City.

Thanks a lot for your support. We couldn’t do this alone and your prayers and financial support made this possible.

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