Leadership Development

In the last year, CTM realized that many of the emerging leaders we serve lack basic leadership abilities. As a result of this, we arrived at the conclusion that leaders are made not born, especially in contexts marked by poverty and violence. Also, we have noticed that leaders in higher spheres and with more power make decisions without knowing the reality of emerging leaders. For these reasons, CTM Guatemala has made the decision to work with both groups of leaders, emerging and influential leaders.


The purpose of the Leadership Development Department is to be an intermediary that helps Guatemalan leader move from good intentions to effective results. Our programs are accessible to any person or institution that seeks the social and spiritual renewal of Guatemala. The Leadership Development Department has six areas of focus that help us increase the leadership capacity of the participants:

  1. Academic Connection
  2. Organizational Innovation
  3. Urban Mission Experience (UME)
  4. Initiative Incubation
  5. Organizational and ministry partnerships
  6. Coaching Programs

Target Group

Our target group is organizations and individuals working in the nonprofit sector: Churches, humanitarian groups, social action groups, theological and spiritual formation in urban contexts, accredited and unaccredited training programs, and leaders who serve in high risk communities.

General Objectives:

  1. Develop a leadership perspective that empowers individuals to form a part of the transformation in Guatemala.
  2. Create a paradigm shift in how leadership is understood: change should come simultaneously from above and from below.
  3. Change from a worldview of scarcity to one of abundance. There is enough for everyone.
  4. Help leaders encounter their vision, execute a plan, and reach their proposed goals.
  5. Discover and practice new leadership abilities.
  6. Create a platform to investigate and develop Guatemalan urban leadership.
  7. Create space for leadership focused on collective impact.