One of last week´s nights after a long day of conversations and “synergy”, we had a wonderful time with some friends trying to identify human qualities about Guatemala City. What we found was simply amazing! If we had to give characteristics of a person to a city like Guatemala, which ones would we –and should– include? How does Guatemala City look like in human terms? Try to do the same with your city; you will be amazed too!

Taking this story as an example I want to share that over the years many of us have found very interesting and sensitive things about Guatemala City. Many local leaders who preceeded us at the Center for Transforming Mission -CTM- Guatemala have taken us to a “city” tour through the Cemetery General in Zone 3; mostly and also ackwardly — for some– because at this particular place we find history in one place, and by finding it, we can begin mapping the hurt, heart and hope of our beloved and extraordinary city.

This present year we were privileged to share a big part of Guatemala´s story for more than 25 times. And each time was different; not only because many of those times Joel Aguilar, Joel vanDyke or I led a group, but because of the so many things that happened in our country in 2015. Each time we went, there was something else that had occurred already; each time!

One thing we have learned: Our wounds have and still are shaping us. And for that, we thank each one of you for coming, for walking the Cemetery, for listening our history with respect, and for asking questions beautifully. Thank you all very much for helping us map the hurt, the hope and the heart of our beautiful “lady”, the one we call Guatemala City.

Hope to see some of you again next year!




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