The Center for Transforming Mission -CMT- Guatemala promotes and focuses its efforts on social and spiritual renewal for Guatemala. CMT invites through this membership which shares:

  • Organizational Alienation Culture:
    We strongly agree in our vision, mission and values.
  • Compatible Strengths:
    Local presence, ability to adjust to cultural nuances and the joint celebration of the Kingdom of God’s advance.
  • Stewardship:
    Commitment for being effective administrators of the local resources that we dispose.
  • Unity Model:
    Our encarnational unity model is based in the connection of our vision of a Guatemala social and spiritual renewed.

This approach aims to unify efforts for individuals and organizations working together for a city where the wounds are transformed into joy and hope.


In order to contribute to the social and spiritual renewal of the City of Guatemala, CMT offers the following:

  • Trainings:
    •    Street Psalms Intensives
    •    Lances of Leadership
    •    Development of Organizational and Business Capacity
    •    Development of Internal Basic Accounting and Finances
    •    Urban Mission Experience
    •    Spiritual Formation
  • Events:
    •    Leadership Summits
    •    Synergy Global Consultations
    •    Conferences
    •    Seminaries
    •    Workshops
    •    Historic-Theological Reflection Tour through Guatemala City
  • Volunteers:
    •    Vision Teams
    •    Long, medium and Short term volunteers
    •    Interns
    •    Missionary Candidates
  • Financial Resources and Coaching:
    •    Construction grants
    •    Program Development grants
    •    Reception and canalization of funds
    •    Business market opportunities
    •    Extraordinary monetary donations
    •    Donations in kind
    •    Executive Couching
    •    Financial advisory
    •    Strategic Planning
  • Duration:
    One year (1 year)
  • Investment:
    $200 (Q.1,540.00) A single cash payment.

For more information download our briefing paper on membership or call 22329718 or send an email to: