New Learning Communities

IMG_5657At CMT Guatemala we are committed to develop incarnational leaders through all of our training programs. These leaders become a more conscious part of the social and spiritual renewal of their city. For this reason, we provide incarnational training, inspiration, and organizational structure for an urban collective transformation.

Over the last few years other people from different academic institutions have seen and shared our commitment to developing incarnational leaders. One of these organizations is the Community for Theological Interdisciplinary Studies (CETI by its initials in Spanish), which is based out of Costa Rica with influence all over the Latin American continent. I have been invited to be a part of this community as we find ways to transform the theological educational processes in our continent, to develop people who live missionally in their context.

During the end of May I had the opportunity to learn with the CETI community in Costa Rica. We talked about ways of engaging online theological education in an incarnational way. We shared our stories, theologized together, and dreamed of incarnational leaders through Latin America.

Thanks to your ongoing support we can be part of things that bring renewal not only to Guatemala City, but also to other Cities in our continent.

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