Conversations do make profound changes (in time!).

This story begins back in 2015, when we hosted the Synergy event the first week in November. During these meetings, many conversations took place. Locals and foreigners, got together in very deep conversations and trust around the most challenging issues of our beautiful cities. Lots to say, lots to learn; even more to see and celebrate.

Conversations continued during the next year, and the next (2017). More so, tables were set up so urban leaders can share their dreams and think of more possibilities to work in collaboration in many ways. This is how during the “Community Development Training” at CMT, two people agreed on looking for artisans that would be interested in selling their products to a larger group of folks, both locals and foreigners. So, the search began! Graciously, one of those leaders knew many artisans from his community that were already doing that work but only individually. So, the challenge was to sit with all of them, and be challenged to work in collaboration.

Five to six months have happened since that first meeting. Now, they meet every Thursday to talk about life, business, dreams, opportunities, more challenges; they meet to talk about God’s mission in their local community, and how can they participate in what God is already doing among them. It hasn’t been easy at all. In fact, there have been times when “the right thing to do” will be to quit doing what they’re doing. But, for many reasons (some unknown) they have continued meeting, and learning, and encouraging one-another.

On behalf of the Center for Transforming Mission -CMT- Guatemala, we deeply thank each one of you who support us financially, in constant prayers, in unending encouragement, and (of course!), in buying the products these artisans make. We invite you to continue doing so. Still lots to do and there is much to learn. But one thing is certain, and that is that when people meet, sit, talk, and listen carefully, they learn something. And this is why CMT believes that in the process of nurturing a joint initiative, we contribute to the social and spiritual renewal of Guatemala.



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