Nurturing Joint Initiatives: “Sembrando Arte”

No easy thing is to mobilize people, no doubt about it. What has been a tough challenge to engage leaders of faith and good will is turning into a marvelous opportunity to become family, friends who trust each other and are willing to benefit their community.

There is no coincidence that the picture that shares the idea above is a little bit hard to see. To understand it completely, one need to carefully take the time to see, listen carefully and try to recognize faces, expressions, who is who, etc., in order to enjoy (as we did) the kind of fun time we experienced this last Sunday when we met to celebrate (belated) the born of Jesus and the importance of community. We sat at a table where all were welcomed, where all had something to bring, where we all enjoyed what each family brought. And, we celebrated, planned, dreamed, played, ate, and prayed.

Now, we are inviting you to join us in prayers for these wonderful group of artists, for each member of their families, for their dreams, their challenges, their fears, their faith. Some of you who read already know them, some others still don’t. Whatever is the case, we invite you to lift up this group of people who love the Lord and want to serve Him with the gifts they have at hand: Art!


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