“What is it that you want?” – Jesus

“A beautiful answer is always preceded by a more beautiful question.” – E. E. Cummings

A couple of years, we began nurturing a joint initiative that trains and empowers pastors and leaders that serve in hard places. Using the content of the “Timothy Leadership Training Institute” and the facilitating work of Luis Pellecer, from the Resonate Global Mission, 16 leaders began a journey that lasted 18 months of training and fellowship. We shared news about this on our LittleWay blogs before.

Coffee from Acatenango area.

This year 2017, we decided to begin the second generation of leaders. Many of the pastors and chaplains from the first generation sent their elders to participate in the program. In this time, Pastor & Chaplain Byron Aguilar, from “Rhema” Christian Church, is the facilitator of the training (A Guatemalan pastor and urban leader). We have been experiencing more challenges than last year’s (very tough ones). But, we decided, as in Byron’s words: “One way or another, we got to graduate this second generation!” And, so we’ve done that. The interesting thing is that as we invited other people to join us financially and in logistic support, the answer has been “yes” so far. For example, a board member, José Armas, is helping with a part of the training costs through his ministry, Esperanza para Guatemala. And, just recently, a Guatemalan coffee producer, José Pérez, jumped in by using his coffee brand as a way to support the initiative.

We are very grateful for the people and organizations of faith that have decided to participate in the delivery of this pastoral training. It will make a huge improvement in the pastoral work that police force chaplains and local pastors do every day. Also, because it is allowing these godly leaders to build trust towards future possibilities of collaborative work (this is one of our prayers!).

Today we thank you for your ongoing support. It has been a huge blessing to us! Also, we invite each one of you, whether in Guatemala or some place else, to jump in and join us in contributing to the social and spiritual renewal of Guatemala city.



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