Opportunities in Collaboration

When you turn certain age, you start thinking more of “yesterdays” than “tomorrows”. I wanted to change that with my life, and that’s why I did this.” – P. Wilson

Since August of last year, we’ve been in conversations with Ecofiltro‘s Founder and CEO, Philip Wilson. He came to our office and met some of our members on a wonderful meeting. We were both blessed with the interactions and what it came after that. Then, last April, we were invited for a vision trip at Ecofiltro’s plant, to “see and celebrate” what God is doing through the business they run. Also, another wonderful opportunity to engaged leaders of faith and good will to think of ways for collaboration.

Yesterday, again, we visited the plant with a group of friends and colleagues from Zone 18, who accepted the invitation to “come and see”. And, what happened yesterday, was incredibly inspirational, and led to the awareness in two things: Yes, there’s a concrete opportunity to work in collaboration; and… yes, let’s do a proposal together to start a pilot project that will benefit more people in our community. So, after the visit, and the conversations, three organizations committed to work in a proposal that will create “synergy” among us and will -hopefully- bring opportunities for growth and development in various communities in Zone 18 of Guatemala City.

As we usually do, we thank those of you who join us in prayers and in finances so we can “engage” and “inspire” leaders of faith and good will for longing to work in collaboration. Please remember us during these days as we prepare this proposal, and we learn from one-another how to connect minds-hearts-hands to contribute to the social and spiritual renewal of Guatemala City.


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