CTM Guatemala's Team

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The team that forms The Center for Transforming Mission - CTM - Guatemala sees people and organizations working together for cities whose wounds are transformed into joy and hope. CTM Guatemala is a civil association that contributes to the social and spiritual renewal of the country. We provide incarnational training, organization structure, and inspiration toward a collective urban transformation.

We help individuals and organizations of faith and good will to move from good intention to effective results.

Teddy Torres

Executive Director
We do not believe that Jesus was our redeemer. We believe that Jesus is redeeming us. -Jose Luis Martin Descalzo

Joel Aguilar

Director of Leadership Development
Abundance is the social and spiritual reality that says: there is sufficient for everyone.

Silvia de López

Director of Administration and Finances
If we really love one another, we cannot avoid making sacrifices.

Lesbia Colindres

Administrative Assistant
Positive actions combined with positive thoughts result in success.

Aury Sandoval

Leadership Development Assistant
Every person is part of renewal through his or her manner of serving others.

Héctor “Fito“ Sandoval

Community Project Coordinator
When we know who called us as a soldier (Jesus), we cannot pretend we didn’t understand the necessity of a society that is crying out for its voice to be heard.