About Me

My name is Aura Marina Sandoval Jimenez (Aury Sandoval). Nine years ago I had the blessing to meet Eddy Martinez to whom I’ve been married for 6 years. Together, we serve with Young Life mainly in high risk communities and with teenagers who are not interested in knowing Jesus. We have two sons, Marko David who is 5 and Pablo Manuel who is 2.

I joined the CTM family in July of 2014 as an assistant in the Strategic Alliance department. By profession, I am an accountant and I studied Business Administration at Mariano Galvez university in Guatemala; I also posses a certification in Finances in Non-Profit Organizations. Currently I am studying to get my Masters in Human Resources.

My Commitment

My primary commitment, as a collaborator of CTM, is to dream what is possible for social and spiritual renewal in Guatemala. Also, I am committed to the organizational values we practice, believing that my life is an example to my family, friends, and neighbors who also are part of this beautiful country where we celebrate good news in hard places.