About Me

My name is Hector Adolfo Sandoval, but my friends call me Fito. I come from a difficult background; I am an ex gang member, and for many years I worked in the garbage dump in Zone 3 of Guatemala City. I received Jesus when I was 23 years old and my life turned around. My deepest desire is that every person, no matter his or her social, economic, or spiritual condition has the opportunity to know the true God who is capable to extend His hand in the trash in order to transform, and to be an agent of change both in society and in his or her community.

God blessed me with a beautiful wife, Nanci Paolo, who I’ve been married to for 10 years. We have a beautiful daughter named Ashlie Nahomi who is 4.

I arrived at CTM through the invitation of a good friend, Joel Aguilar, with whom I share both a deep friendship and the dreams of social and spiritual renewal in difficult communities whose inhabitants we hope become agents of change for their environment, family, neighbors, and -why not?- for all of Guatemala.

My Commitment

My primary commitment is to share knowledge I’ve acquired through the years that I have worked in difficult places and continue the social and spiritual renewal of my beautiful country.