About Me

My name is Joel Aguilar. I am married to my beautiful wife Annette, the most impressive woman that I know. Together we live and serve Guatemala City, trying to see the city from a perspective of abundance, not of scarcity.

I am the Director of Leadership Development for The Center for Transforming Mission Guatemala. I have a Masters in Global Urban Leadership from Bakke Graduate University in Seattle Washington. I also have taken Masters courses at SETECA and have a degree in Theology from SETECA. For the last 10 years, I have been involved with organizations that seek the social and spiritual renewal of our global cities. I have done almost everything within non profit organizations, from construction and remodeling to coordinating vision trips; from simultaneous interpretation and document translation to being the executive director of the Leadership Development department.

Currently, I have the opportunity to do one of my greatest passions: connect the ideas of the academic world to the reality of the street. I enjoy music, reading, and physical activity.

My Commitment

One of my commitments is to see my city from three perspectives. I see my city as a classroom, a place to learn everything I can from everyone and everything my city offers. I see my city as a playground, exploring everything there is to experiment to learn to live, love, and laugh in the midst of adversity. Finally, I see my city as a parish, a place where my wounds convert to joy and hope.

My commitment is to the social and spiritual renewal of Guatemala.