About Me

My name is Silvia Rosalva Mejía de López. A little over 24 years ago, God gave me the privilege of marrying Mefiboset López González (Mefi). We have served the Lord together since our youth and later as a family with our two children Andrés Jonatán and Andrea Sofía.

Five years ago I had the pleasure of forming part of the Center for Transforming Mission Team as the Administrative Assistant, and now as the Administrative Director. By profession, I am a bilingual secretary and I also have a degree in Theology from SETECA. I have a diploma in PYMES from Rafael Landívar University and a diploma in Business Administration from Loyola Business School of the Americas.

I love to read and when it is possible, especially on a rainy day, rest at home along with a cup of coffee and a good book, or watch a good TV show with my beautiful daughter.

My Commitment

My primary commitment is that all my work is focused on the social and spiritual renewal of Guatemala. I am deeply committed to CTM Guatemala and maintaining a clear and transparent administration with all the projects we develop and with each donation we receive. I am also committed to each member of our local network and creating a strong connection with each one of them since they are the important reason that we exist and it is through them that we can see Guatemala as a place where our wounds convert into joy and hope, a place where the streets are ideal for our children, youth, adults, and elderly to play.