About Me

My name is Teddy Torres. I was born, grew up, and lived for 25 years in the neighborhood of San Francisco II, Zone 19 – what is now Zone 6 of Mixco. I have mixed emotions about my youth. Above all, I am convinced that it was a formative time in my life, which is why I dedicate myself to what I do. For the last seven years I have lived in the northern part of Guatemala City.

It was a privilege to marry Candie Cabrera, who gives me the grace to continue to love her without reservation. We have two beautiful children: Marcos and Monserrat. Both have distinct personalities and hearts that are inclined to interesting details, which surprise us every day. They have given us a great challenge of being parents. A part of which is to experience the scandalous grace of God the Father.

I am the Executive Director of the Center for Transforming Mission – CTM – Guatemala since February of 2014. I have a Masters in Theology from SETECA in Guatemala City. I am currently participating in a Doctoral program in Transformational Leadership from Bakke Graduate University. Since 2003, I have been involved in church based urban community development and projects both within and outside of Guatemala. My main responsibilities have been to communicate and facilitate groups of adults who are learning about sustainable development. In addition, I try to facilitate and build strategic relationships that empower people and lead to community transformation.

Finally, I am a fan of a good book, music, documentaries, conversations, and visiting local empowerment projects.

My Commitment

I am interested in learning, sharing, and dedicating time to do life with others. I seek occasions to build trust, friendship, and sustainable relationships. I want to be congruent in my thoughts, feelings, and actions. I seek the peace and wellbeing of the city – the beautiful city – where I want to live for years to come.