“Synergy” insights and inspirations

A year has passed since we developed the first “Synergy” meeting. Back in February 2015, after many conversations with some Guatemalan friends, we decided to invite a group of Medical Doctors to a meeting that was supposed to generate trust and create the space for future work in collaboration. The meeting went well; interestingly, caught the attention of some global leaders too, who -by the way- were part of a vision trip at that time. Then, in November we pulled together a bigger event under the same idea: Generate trust and find viable strategies for urban transformation. Here, you will find some more information about that event: http://cmtguatemala.org/quienes-somos-sinergia/
This last Thursday, after more meetings and consulting some new friends, we decided to move forward with more than a “Synergy” event. Although what we experienced back in November was inspirational, what unites us is now inviting us all to look intentionally for deeper conversations: the kind of conversations that will move us from good intentions to effective outcomes. Momentum has been facilitated again; it is time to write down some goals and specific strategies to keep contributing to the social and spiritual renewal of our beloved City of Guatemala in a way that is tangible and sustainable.
On behalf of the Center for Transforming Mission -CTM- Guatemala, we thank all of you who were part of that meeting. We deeply appreciated your voices! Also, thanks for the ones who couldn’t come, but shared interested. We definitely missed you! And also, thanks a lot for the ones who -every day- join us in prayers and support in so many ways. We sincerely value your generosity!

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