The Challenge of Perseverance

A few months ago, we posted a story about the opportunity for partnership that 4 organizations were building in the area of Zone 18 of Guatemala City. After a “vision trip” to the Ecofiltro main plant with some friends, we all came with ideas that could benefit the community we serve.

It’s been almost five months since that first trip. We’ve met many times dreaming, planning, thinking together, building “trust” that only comes by the desire of “Let’s do something together in our community!”. In our yesterday meeting, at Engadi’s — one of the ministries participating in the initiative — we had time to talk about the family, the good news of the Gospel, watch a short movie, have lunch with other staff members, and to pray for one-another for personal plans. It was simply beautiful and inspiring to sit together, to laugh, to make jokes, to have fun, and also to plan for the next steps in the development of this initiative. As usual, there is still lots to do towards a sustainable and effective outcomes in the most populated Zone of the city.

But, for now, on behalf of the Center for Transforming Mission -CMT- Guatemala, we thank each one of you for your constant support in prayers and financially. What you do opens the doors for opportunities like this, that help us contribute to the social and spiritual renewal of Guatemala City. Please continue doing so.


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