Theology from Below

“We have to think of something after all the cemetery reflections that we’re experiencing. Got to think of something.” – Tita Evertsz, Fundación Vidas Plenas

A few months ago, the Center for Transforming Mission -CMT- Guatemala facilitated around 5 Cemetery reflections with all Vidas Plenas staff. Together, with a group of +45 urban leaders who work in “La Limonada” community, walked, learned, reflected and engaged Guatemala’s history. It was a profound experience and opportunity to practice what we call “The Ministry of Memory”. We shared a special blog 3 months ago with comments from the participants.

At Toronja Academy,  "Born From Below"

At Toronja Academy, “Born From Below”

We decided to use the Action-Reflection-Discernment process of leadership to continue learning in the daily work we do, and to build the relationship among these magnificent urban leaders who pour out their lives in the Zone 5 of Guatemala City. So, we were challenged to facilitate in a 2-month period, the Street Psalms Intensives as a way to help develop critical thinking and to map the heart, hurt, and hope in each academy where Vidas Plenas, Iglesia “Tesoros de Gracia”, and “La Limonada Shoes” serves.

We invite you to join us in prayers for the next two months, every Wednesday, from 1-3pm, where we will be facilitating incarnational conversations that will continue contributing to the social and spiritual renewal taking place in this beautiful City of Guatemala.



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