Vision Trips of 2017

FullSizeRenderThis year, we have received a total of nine vision trips. Each group has been unique. We have worked with people from distinct backgrounds and paths of life. The first group we had was different from what we are used to at CTM. Our friend, Jeremiah Griswold, brought a group of tattoo artists from Cincinnati, OH who worked tirelessly to cover the tattoos of people who have left behind lives of crime and poverty. During April, we received a group of Masters degree students from Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, and in May a group of undergraduate students from Kuyper College in Michigan. Each of these experiences brought profound learning not only for each student that visited us, but also for us as academic, spiritual, and relational facilitators. We also received groups from different churches in Michigan, a father/son group brought by Street Psalms in Tacoma, Washington; and a group of the junior board of the Mustard Seed Foundation.

We learned to celebrate good news in hard places with each group. In the words of Brian Bakke from Mustard Seed Foundation: “They (CMT Guatemala) arranged our time so that we could see what God is doing in Guatemala, meet some of their colleagues in ministry, and share with us how to enter into a unique context as a learner who needs to struggle with the truth, challenges, and contradictions of this city.”

We thank you for your trust in coming and walking Guatemala City with us.

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