• Vision
    Transformed Guatemala in their communities with restored families without gangs and without drugs with an integral vision.
  • Mission
    Plant churches with a holistic approach in the red zones with their own context
  • Value
    Love towards humanity.
  • History Ministry
    • God sent me (Erwin Luna) through a mission rains of grace zone 6 14 years ago on November 17, 2002 to start a work in channelitos, there initiated by the mercy of God a family group and Javi e despite working In some of the red areas of my beloved country in 2004 start home in my room with two young gang members God began to worry about going to the streets and predictions of the country of both older and younger. In 2006 a man was restored at home and through the church we started a new church in Sakerty area 7 two years after being there, he handed the church to Jorge Hernandez and his wife Marlene de Hernández, then God sent me to Lemonade in 2008 to start a new work through Joel VanDyke and Marta Everest had eight years of being in lemonade now who shepherds there is brave Rafael I am currently in zone one opening a new work for the glory of God.

Tesoro de Gracia