Iglesia Hebron MCA

The Hebron Church belongs to the Central American Mission in Guatemala. It was founded about 40 years ago. It is located in the 6th. Avenida 4-80, Zona 19 Colonia La Florida. Despite Colonia La Florida has many churches of different denominations, it is known  as a red area of the city. The population is mostly children, adolescents and young people who come from dysfunctional and itinerant families. Because of this, we have seen the need of our community to help children and youth. So, we try to develop programs for them. Also, we are developing church planting in different places of the city. Having in mind that the church are people and not buildings. So he has two churches within a division of the National Civil Police and a church in Villa Nueva.


We are a Christian-evangelical church with the vision to: Serve together in love for the growth of the gospel in our community and the world.


We are followers of Christ forming more followers of Christ.


  • Values
    • Growth
    • Leadership
    • Responsibility
    • Community
    • Teaching
    • Development
    • Evangelism
    • Compassion
    • Integrity