We are a Christian ministry in Guatemala that brings hope, healing and a better future through the love of Christ to women and their families who have suffered mistreatment.

1.1 With whom we work and serve let us know that there is a living Lord who loves you and is calling you to have a personal relationship with him as Lord and Savior.

1.2 That women and their children:

  • Have a safe place to live.
  • Find physical, mental and emotional healing.
  • Recognize your identity and courage in Christ.
  • Recognize your spiritual talents and gifts.
  • Receive education and vocational training in order to provide for the needs of their families.
  • Know your personal and legal rights.

1.3 That the women and children who have believed in the Lord receive discipleship.

1.4 That women and children receive psychological counseling and Christian counseling

1.5. That women participate in a transition program, through a Life Project.
1.6. We support the restoration of family relationships.

1.7 We are working towards a transformation according to biblical standards, particularly in relation to the value of woman as God’s creation.

1.8 We seek to work strategically with other institutions, ministries and missionary groups with whom we share the same values.

Integrated Ministries for Women
Sector B 1 Lot 30 Apple I zone 8 of Mixco
Guatemala C.A.
Phone 22597532-51069141