Santa Catarina Pinula is a community whose socio-economic situation is reflected in the basic structure of society: the family.  Due to economic instability  parents have the need to work full time. Children and young people are left in the care of an older sibling, third parties and in the worst case without supervision. This has led to children and youth being lured by gangs, drugs, pornography and other potentially dangerous situations.

For these reasons the Outreach Center “For My Neighborhood” open it doors in June 2007. This place promotes activities that allow children and young people at risk use their free time in healthy and productive activities. They provide an alternative to develop their skills. Similarly the Outreach Center allows the community (church, local authorities and business community members) to join efforts to improve the quality of life of its members.

“For My Neighborhood” it comes from support of a Rotary group that facilitated the equipment for the center, and the USAI Youth Challenge program, who developed the project model. At the present it operates with the cover of the Social Development Department of the Municipality of Santa Catarina Pinula as Sustainable Partner. They pay the rent, the coordinator, a teacher of primary education and garbage removal. Also there are community volunteers and related institutions involved, who give their time and resources to implement activities in different areas such as: tutoring, creative use of leisure time, educational approval, labor induction and community outreach.

Organizational Strategy


  • Mission
    Involve Guatemalans, especially the community of Santa Catarina Pinula, to improve the quality of life of beneficiaries and facilitators and thus ensure a better future for them.

  • Vission
    Create opportunities of  development for children and youth at risk, trusting on the integrity and values, to have a positive effect on their lives and their community.

  • Objective
    Be an educational and recreational space in which the beneficiaries and facilitators develop their skills and invest their time in activities which improve their quality of life and education during their elementary and middle school.


Love God: Constant need and search for God. Everything should be delivered and done with love and affection towards Him. “I recognize that God is my creator, my savior and guide”, “I show my love for God through my way of being, acting and living”.
Esteem:  Affection and appreciation to all those involved in the Outreach Center regardless of their circumstances “I esteem myself.  Yes, I care for me respect me.”
Responsibility: Commitment to answer for something or someone. Be careful and put attention on what is done and decided. “I am responsible because I take on my actions”, “I am responsible because I do what has been entrusted to me.”
Strength: Overcome fear and flee recklessness ways with strength and self-control. “My strength is be willing to resist, fight, tolerate and if necessary change all that does not allow me to achieve my goals.”


Friendship: Selfless affection for the people around me. It strengthens and grows over time. “I am a friend when I respect, give companionship, help, sympathy and time.”
Diligence: Work and effort in fulfilling the duties and responsibilities. “I am diligent because I work skillfully, with knowledge and willingly.”
Common life: Relate peacefully and harmoniously with all people in the Outreach Center. “I promote Common Life by respecting and cooperating with my colleagues,” “I promote Common Life when I am  near the  children and youth and I am more than a person who is in charge.”
Service: Willingness and ability to help anyone in the Outreach Center, in a carefully way and with a positive attitude to facilitate the duties in the institution. “I serve when I am willing to help others.”


Honesty: To act properly, fulfilling its responsibilities and being transparent in any situation. “I am honest with my actions and I assume my responsibilities.”
Perseverance:  Behavior, homework and academic skills constancy to achieve the goals and self-improvement. “I never give up. Finish everything I start. “


 Areas of Work


Creative use of time

The Outreach Center aims to provide a space where children and youth can recreate healthily through playful, artistic and sport activities enhancing their skills and abilities.

School reinforcement

It is intended to provide educational tools that enables children and youth to have a better school adjustment to be reflected in a good school performance.

Induction for work

The Outreach Center will be a means which  empowers youth with skills and abilities to work in the areas of:

Beauty and cosmetology

Baking and cooking


Handcrafts and others

Educational homologation

Through CONALFA (National Alphabetization Committee in spanish) , the Outreach Center aims to facilitate that  youth and adults, who can not attend to a daily Educational Center due to work or care for siblings, may continue their schooling.

Social Projection to community

The Outreach Center seeks to be a facilitator for the implementation of projects that improve the community environment.

Education in values

The education in values aims that children and young people can be formed and informed to acquire new habits and become better citizens. It is intended to be achieved through workshops taught by facilitators from Outreach Center, Youth Alliance  or institutions related with youth work. Tools such as videos or experiential activities can be used.

School for parents

Its target is strengthen family values through a monthly workshop. It seeks to teach parents effective ways to support their children to succeed academically and personally, in search of maturity and autonomy.