Be a Ministry to put in action the Gospel of inclusion and proximity to the most despised, putting our gifts and talents to serve our community.


Reach for Christ is the greatest possible number of people excluded from society; supplying some of their needs and developing strategic alliances with other entities, in order to be channels of blessing for children and adults to achieve have adequate life in our society.


  • Create a pleasant atmosphere of friendship, respect and value among members of the Ministry, as well as all those people we serve.
  • assist, encourage and support children and adolescents, adults and seniors we work on each of the programs.
  • Raise awareness about the Guatemalan community in street work, the need to serve others, as well as prevention work with children living in high risk.
  • Influencing and sensitize the Christian community, especially young people, so they can get out of your comfort and attain to be a generation that will transform lives and impact their society.
  • Encourage personal growth and development of the people who are served through 2 programs that seek to restore their lives, reintegrating society and meet basic needs.

What does the Ministry Bread and Chocolate? and What is the Service?

Considering our mission, we currently have two programs are described below:

“Valientes” Program: Children between 7 and 12 years old, who live in the neighborhood of the Sanitary Landfill in zone 3 of the Capital City, are cared for. Caregivers live in high-risk conditions, both inside and outside their home. They are exposed to drugs, criminal groups, physical, verbal and / or sexual violence, etc. Currently, 20 children are being treated, in a place a few steps from the main entrance of the Sanitary Landfill. The ministry offers them a safe place where they are provided with breakfast and refreshment, school reinforcement, psychological counseling, Bible reflections and workshops (cooking, dancing, theater, etc.). It is also a place for personal hygiene .

The objective of this program is to prevent these children from becoming involved in criminal acts, prostitution or drugs, by occupying their free time and a real encounter with God. But we also hope that this group will succeed in breaking the repetitive circle of mental poverty and accommodation that many of those who live in that sector maintain. So that children can have better opportunities for life.

“Bread and Chocolate Street” Program: has 9 years of experience. During this time the Gospel has been taken to the streets of areas 3 and 1. The objective is to show God’s love to marginalized people in society, supporting them in important areas of their lives, as well as motivating them to transform their style of life. lifetime. Target groups of the program are: Street people, sex workers and transvestites who prostitute themselves in the areas mentioned above.

Currently they are taken to dinner every Saturday. In cases of destitution, there are alliances of organizations that work with people in a street situation, in order to help them out of a life of addiction. Regrettably, for the sex servants and transvestites have not yet been found other organizations that work with this sector of the population, so that the program “Street” offers “A Pastoral from below.” Discipleship to people in these groups who want to know more about God and have a better relationship with their Creator.

In general, we try to develop a comprehensive service. Offering a transforming Gospel, creating a Christian community of closeness and inclusion to the most despised and unprotected.

Who makes up the Pan and Chocolate team?

We are Christian volunteers who believe in God’s call to our lives, to work in sectors where people who are marginalized by society live or work.

We are a community that believes and promotes a Gospel of inclusion and closeness to the most needy, following the example of Jesus Christ.


  • Commitment and responsibility. We are committed to serving our neighbor in places where not everyone wants to be, and we are responsible for being a channel of blessing.
  • Cooperation and collaboration. To each other without restrictions collaborating to make possible our mission and to be effective in our service.
  • Make a Difference. Among Christian ministries, to be a ministry with a different approach, but ruled by biblical-theological truth; Committed with our community.
  • Perseverance. Do not tire of trying to help and motivate the people we care for, so that they can get out of a life that stops their community and spiritual overcoming.
  • Patience. We must be able to accept the delay in the process of restoration or vindication of damaged lives in the people served.
  • Respect. Although we do not agree with the beliefs, attitudes or lifestyle of the people we serve, we must respect their life, their opinion and their attitude.
  • Acceptance. There is a diversity of people we serve, so we must accept them as they are, taking the example of Christ on earth. Although some do not accept what they do, yes and roundly yes we accept our neighbor.
  • Compassion. Just as Jesus had compassion on the people who followed him, so we must have compassion for the people we serve.
  • Justice. We believe in divine justice and believe that our society needs justice. We promote justice at all levels of society and reject the injustice we face daily, especially in the face of the unprotected, the voiceless.
  • Friendship. All of us who belong to the Ministry must foster the friendship between us and ourselves in order to convey that feeling to the people we serve.
  • Love. Undoubtedly, each member of the Ministry should promote love among all people. It is a quality that every person who wishes to belong to our team must serve and serve the most needy.
  • Generosity. We believe that generosity must be an important quality for those who work in a community that is unprotected and despised by society. Generous with what God gives us, generous with others.
  • Honesty. Each member of the Ministry must promote honesty among the people we serve, as well as be honest with what God provides.
  • Share. Share with the most needy and unprotected people, our gifts, talents and all those we want, remembering that Jesus shared with everyone without excluding anyone.
  • Learning. To have the desire and the desire to learn every day from the people with whom we interact and work.
  • Equality. We believe that no one in the Ministry, participants and caregivers, is considered more or superior than another, neither by its gender, nor by its lifestyle, age or condition. We all have the ability and the right to achieve goals and dreams.

Raúl Moreno

General Director

Telephone Number: +502 57250636

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