Vidas Plenas




Providing opportunities through education and comprehensive care to those most in need to have a full life.


The vision of fulfilling lives for 2,030 is to have a community where Lemonade:

  • There are educational opportunities to children and youth, help them become university.
  • They can provide job opportunities for people who have benefited from programs fulfilling lives.
  • This constant repair and heal and parallel to those not become beneficiaries of prevention programs, which already have a “twisted” life, involved in vandalism.
  • Are disclosed and where they are assimilated and understood the rights of children and women in order to create a culture of complaint, where the inhabitants of the community are those who advocate justice in a right way, not with violence.
  • Everyone understands what it means to be family, love respected.
  • All members of the community know assessed themselves as they value and love (is key for this to work).
  • Interventions of all organizations supporting Lemonade are based on love, and always provide moral and spiritual values.
  • There is a place with workshops, smithy, bakery, manufacture of shirts, shoemaking, carpentry and other trades so that people are trained and may have a decent job.
  • the most beautiful part of the Guatemalan people Lemonade is known, and that everyone understands that today they are the result of not having sown in them before.
  • It reconciliation breathe and see, in a natural way, given by God and not forced by humans, where those who have more and those with less understanding, love and respect.


Our mission is to provide opportunities through education and comprehensive care to those most in need to have a full life.


  1. Provide medical, economic, moral and spiritual people of all ages with alcoholism, drug addiction, begging, with poor, urban and rural marginal areas assistance, so that through such assistance and motivation they prevent to they reach a critical state and can be rehabilitated and fend for themselves.
  2. Internment society of the beneficiaries of our work, with the effect that are useful and productive members in our society.
  3. The implementation of methods and educational practices, workshops and general teaching various trades in order that the beneficiaries of our work can learn a means of honest and honorable life, enabling them to survive for themselves.
  4. Run programs of cooperation with related institutions looking for the integral development of people in the communities where we work.
  5. Receive minors who have been left homeless, without parents or whose parents are deprived of freedom, sick or missing, to house them temporarily or permanently; providing them with food, education, shelter and above all love, for as long as necessary, trying to build them up in their self-esteem and imbue in them the moral and spiritual values ​​that every human being should have.

How They Work

Vidas Plenas is a non-profit foundation with Christian foundation dedicated to supporting in physical, educational, social, emotional and spiritual needs of children, youth, adults and families Lemonade.

We do this through our 3 main programs:

  • The “Schoolhouse” or Academy for Life for Children Lemonade.
  • Scholarship program for all children and young people we serve in our programs.
  • The Community Support program for the elderly and disabled.