Working Towards Peace

During the last weekend of September the staff of CMT had the opportunity to meet with the members of the InnerChange team. As some of you may know, InnerChange is an order of missionaries among the poor. We have been gathering as an extended family for the last year and ahalf, and every time we have felt God’s calling to work for the peace of our cities. During the last gathering we had to focus intensely on the Gospel’s non-violence as we sensed the need to develop a spirituality of non-violence resistance to the different powers that be in the cities of Quetzaltenango and Guatemala.

We started our time together walking the streets of Quetzaltenango, the city where the InnerChange team serves. We walked their city, and saw it through their eyes. Once we were more familiar with the context, and history of their work we understood in a better way the way they see their city. We took some time to reflect, and discern together. We engaged in the active discernment of finding, and naming different groups, and individuals we see as rivals, enemies, or even people we would be willing to scapegoat for the sake of our cities. Little did we know, we were on our way to take the first steps towards a spirituality of non-violence. We found ourselves without people to blame for the different issues of our cities. For example, we cannot scapegoat the corrupt politicians for the sake of finding peace, and creating cohesion with others. It is important, however, that we prophetically expose their corrupt deeds. We found out that if we scapegoat others we are deep in the cycle of violence. We heard the Gospel of Jesus calling us to take away the scapegoats of our cities in order to walk towards true peace.

Thanks a lot for your support. We couldn’t do all of this beautiful work without you!

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