You Are Very Welcome!

“You are an answer to our prayers. I thank God for the friends who connected us”. – Verónica Sosa

A huge interest for the work that the Center for Transforming Mission -CMT- Guatemala does in the City has to do with “trust”. Trust is kind of a fuel that helps move relations, interactions, growth, learning processes, etc. How would you define “trust”?

For us, something very beautiful happened a month ago that helped us actually “see” trust in a tangible way. We got a call from the Director of the “God Is First” English Academy, saying that she was referred to us by another member of the network. She heard good things about the work we do, and wanted to put in contact with us for a variety of reasons. One of those was, in her words, “I want to grow in my organizational capacity, and I need someone who CAN WALK with us in that journey”.

IMG-20170728-WA0001We paid them a visit a few weeks ago, and it was a blessing to see how GIF (God Is First) walks in faith and humility every day teaching English to a group of +200 people. The stories, the testimonies, the challenges they face, gave us the “fuel” we needed. And, our words and commitment, gave them the “fuel” they need to trust us moving forward.

It has been only a month (and a few more days), and we are already feel connected with the work that GIF is doing in the City. We thank GIF for the privilege of letting us walk together; for the blessing of becoming part of a bigger network, and for the opportunity to build organizational capacity.

Also, we thank each one of you who entrust us with resources so we can continue contributing to the social and spiritual renewal of Guatemala City in ways that we can build the needed “trust” to find viable ways or urban transformation.


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